New Craftsman Bungalow

Building A New Craftsman Bungalow

New Craftsman Bungalow, New Arts & Crafts Style Bungalow, Bungalow ArchitectNew Craftsman Bungalow, Arts & Crafts
Craftsman Bungalow fireplace“As soon as we finished our first meeting with Steve, we knew we had an incredibly gifted architect who would make our dream house a reality.  Steve primarily builds prairie-style houses, but he was very familiar with the Arts and Crafts Style bungalow that we had our hearts set on and he produced house plans that perfectly encompassed everything that we wanted in our new house.

Steve not only designed the house, but was also the general contractor for the building process, assuring us of a relatively painless build.  He was on-site daily, and his organization and professionalism assured that every process was completed in a timely and well-organized fashion.  The sub-contractors he uses are unbelievably talented craftsmen who go above and beyond to assure that the work they do is of the highest quality.

Steve produced for us a house that is extremely well built and more beautiful than we could ever have imagined.  We were very lucky to have worked with him!”

Kathleen Waszak

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